Square Tomatoes

Square tomatoes?  Really?  A slice of a square tomato would certainly fit better on a sandwich.  It would also be a great conversation topic at a dinner party!

What is a square tomato?  It is simply a tomato grown within the confines of a square shaped container forcing the fruit to conform to the container shape.  Easily said, hard to do.

How do you go about raising a square tomatoes?

You will need some construction talents as well as a green thumb.  First you will need to plant your tomato plant as normal.   You must know about how big the fruit of your tomato variety will be full grown.  Take care of the plant as you normally would.

Square Tomato
Square Tomatoes

What do you need to grow Square Tomatoes?

You then need to construct a box about the size that the tomato will be.  The box should accommodate the stem and have one of the sides removable.  You will need to be able to remove the square tomatoes from their boxes, so a removable side is an important feature.  When the tomato fruit is about half grown is the time you put the box around the tomato.  You will need to support the box so as not to pull the fruit off from the stem.  As the tomato fruit grows it conforms to the box and presto, change-o, you have a square tomato.


Square tomatoes are obviously not going to be a main stream, everyday addition the produce available in stores, but you might want to try a couple in your own backyard garden.  It would be fun to see the reaction of your friends when you serve up square tomatoes at dinner!