Sue Jersild

Sue Jersild Master Gardener

Sue Jersild has been an avid gardener for all her life.  She grew up in Michigan gardening with her father from the time she was just a little sprout.  Growing everything from peanuts to peaches, corn to cauliflower, you name it, she probably grew it… at least once. 

Sue’s passion for gardening lead her to become a Master Gardener.  She just had to know the science behind the miracle of life in the garden.  The more that she could learn about how a plant worked, the more success she could enjoy in her gardens.


This has lead to the creation of this website.  Sue wanted to share the secrets that she has learned over the years to help others become successful gardeners.  Hopefully you will find this website helpful and get growing!


Special thanks to Professor Thomas A. Zitter from Cornell University.  He provided many of the images in this book related to disease and pests.  Check out the Cornell University website for some great information on vegetable gardening.

Cornell Plant Pathology