Tomato Growing Secrets

Whatever your skill level, Master Gardener Sue Jersild can show you how to take it up a notch by maximizing yields and resources to grow the greatest tomatoes you’ve ever seen!

Growing excellent tomatoes is a combination of knowledge about both the plant and gardening.  Perfecting the soil, creating just the right environment, and using the right techniques of care are keys to growing plump, ripe, tasty love apples..

and doing so in the fastest, healthiest way possible.

Millions of home gardeners every year attempt tomato growing and most succeed on some level.  Most, however, are not getting the best yields they can with the tastiest results possible.

Master Gardener Sue Jersild knows this and she has perfected the art of tomato growing and enjoyment.  Now, she’s letting you in on her secrets with her new book

Advanced Tomato Growing Secrets

$27.95 Ebook – Instant Download


Nothing beats the taste of a home-grown tomato fresh from the garden,

eaten right off the vine.

In fact, the best summertime lunch imaginable is on the patio with freshly-picked tomatoes garnished with some cheese, sweet basil, and with fresh french bread and a glass of afternoon wine.  Tomatoes purchased from the store that have been sitting in a cooler and in your refrigerator just aren’t the same at all.

“My father was a gardener to the core of his being,” she writes.  “I loved being with him in the cool of the morning, picking fresh sweet corn.. barefoot with him in the newly tilled soil.  I loved picking fresh vegetables from his garden and helping my mom to can them at the peak of ripeness” “His tomatoes were a masterpiece and bountiful year after year.  He taught me so much about raising big, beautiful tomatoes.” How to grow tomatoes

“I dedicate this book to him and to the memories of sharing time together in the garden.”


Sue doesn’t just talk about tomato growing.  She brings passion and life to the art of gardening and covers the history of tomatoes in such a way that the reader will gain a larger understanding of the “love apples” we’ve all come to exemplify as the epitome of great home gardening.  Through a combination of history, technique perfection, and time-honored garden know-how, she shows the reader how to grow excellent, showpiece (and gourmet tasting) tomatoes in any area, under any circumstance and in almost any soil.

The home gardener will find that growing beautiful tomatoes that have more flavor than can be imagined is easier than you might think.  You’ll learn the techniques of cultivation, soil building, choosing the right plants, care of those plants, and when to find peak harvest right here in Sue’s book.
If you don’t have the best garden soil available and want to build it up yourself or learn which ingredients you need to make it perfect for those tomatoes, Sue will show you how. Planting Tomatoes
Wondering why your fertilization efforts don’t seem to be paying off with bigger, faster-growing, and tastier tomatoes?  Sue will show you why.
Tomato Hornworm Got pests and not sure what to do about them?  Sue has an answer.
Want to start your tomatoes from seed, but aren’t getting the kind of results you’d hoped for?  Sue can help.


No matter what you’re looking for, if it’s about growing tomatoes, it’s in her book:

Advanced Tomato Growing Secrets

$27.95 Ebook – Instant Download


Sue will take you through the process, start to finish, for growing beautiful, tasty, award-winning tomatoes.

  • Find out what kind of soil is perfect for tomatoes and how to get it or make it yourself.
  • Learn which varieties of tomatoes are best for your situation and for what you desire to get out of your tomato plant.
  • See how to grow tomatoes in the garden, containers, or even in your flower garden. You don’t need a huge space for great yields!
  • Read about the timing that all master gardeners and tomato growers understand how you can use it to your advantage.
  • To start from seed, jump to page 22 and learn what you’ll need to know to go from hit-and-miss seedlings to beautiful plants, every time.
  • Transplanting from a nursery or greenhouse? Page 37 gets you started on the right track towards strong plants instead of droopy, half-hearted stalks.
  • Speaking of drooping, learn how to stake and support your tomato plants perfectly and keep them upright and strong for better, faster yields!
  • Then learn the true insider’s secrets: the timing and care for perfect watering, fertilizing, and pest protection to keep your tomatoes in top notch condition for optimum red, juicy output.

So get your copy of

Advanced Tomato Growing Secrets: Your Questions Answered

Advanced Tomato Growing Secrets

$27.95 Ebook – Instant Download



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  • Myths and Facts about canning tomatoes

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  • Great Gardening starts with Great Soil, Great soil comes from using compost. No matter what the condition is of your soil compost will improve it
  • A simple explanation of composting; how it works, why it’s necessary and how to do it!
  • How to Make Humus-step by step!
  • Understanding how Temperature Effects Composting
  • FAQ about Organic Composting

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Advanced Tomato Growing Secrets

$27.95 Ebook – Instant Download


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Advanced Tomato Growing Secrets

$27.95 Ebook – Instant Download


Get started growing the perfect-tasting

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To Your Success,

Sue Jersild

Master Gardener

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